Capy's brainy iOS adventure-em-up Sword and Sworcery EP has sold 350,000 units to date, president Nathan Vella announced today at GDC 2012.

The game, which Vella said took 18 months to develop, managed to sell well despite only featuring "small amounts of birds", "no fruit" and "limited water" - three clichéd iOS trappings thanks to the success of Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Where's My Water.

Sworcery saw success because Capy targeted a specific niche, rather than an attempt to capture everybody in the whole world. "Niches can be huge," said Vella.

Interestingly, Vella also stated that only 10% of its total sales came from sale periods for the game - meaning 9 out of 10 users were prepared to pay above and beyond the famous 69p price tag.

"Even if you find yourself irked by the tone, it is impossible to ignore the passion and creativity that went into creating Sworcery," wrote in its 8/10 Sworcery review.