Nintendo has released the much-anticipated Switch update 5.0, adding a bunch of key features for its hybrid behemoth. 

One of the major new additions comes in the shape of 24 new Arms and Kirby icons, as well as a bunch of new Facebook and Twitter functions, such as the ability to now add Switch users that have social media accounts via the Friend Suggestions option. 

Elsewhere, any digital purchases made on PC or smart device will begin downloading quicker than before, even if the Switch is taking a nap in Sleep Mode. Ninty's also tweaked it so that captured videos in the console's Album will be restricted by Parental Controls depending on the Restricted Software setting and Software Rating Organisation. 

Finally, Switch update 5.0 also irons out an error that saw Play Activity display incorrectly in the User Page's Profile section. Be sure to have a gander at the full list of patch notes on Ninty's official website

Switch has been out for just over a year now and in that time has managed to flog an impressive 14.86 million units worldwide. 

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