Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has said that the hardware giant reckons Switch could exceed the typical five-six year console cycle that we usually associate with the House of Mario. 

Speaking during an investor Q&A, Shigsy noted the hybrid platform has a good chance of sticking around a lot longer than its predecessors, primarily due to the console's unique attributes and the opportunities that developers have to leverage those features going forward.

'Nintendo also has a system in place whereby the software developers focus on these hardware features in their development efforts for the continuation of the Nintendo Switch business,' said Miyamoto-san. He went on to say that it would be 'interesting' if the company could extend the console's lifecycle, concluding that 'you should be looking forward to that.'

Elsewhere, Nintendo's Shinya Takahashi said the Kyoto-based firm is busy working with 'junior' developers with the goal of continuing to churn out 'interesting products' that have a wide consumer appeal while remaining fun to play. 

The Switch launched in March 2017 and has already flogged more than 14 million units worldwide, surpassing lifetime sales of the Wii U in the process. Super Mario Odyssey currently stands as the best-selling game for the portable system with over nine million copies sold globally.

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