Developed by 3G Studios, SWAT: Target Liberty is the latest game in the award-winning line of SWAT games. The game is set in New York City where a S.W.A.T. team is tasked with preventing a growing number of international terrorist threats.

Each officer in the unit has a specialty and by using a skill system the player can upgrade their individual combat expertise to increase the chances of success.

The development has been aided by Ken Thatcher, a 29-year Los Angeles S.W.A.T. veteran who has acted as a consultant to bring the same level of authenticity seen in previous SWAT games.

The script has been penned by Scott Rosenbaum (The Shield) so it's pretty safe to assume the game will be hard hitting and full of drama.

In addition to the game's campaign SWAT will feature ad hoc multiplayer where players can challenge each other across a selection of game modes.

SWAT: Target Liberty will debut exclusively for the PSP this autumn.