A rumour from back in September 2006 pointed towards the platform switch of Super Paper Mario - from GameCube to Wii.

This has now been confirmed by Nintendo Power magazine, which states that the upcoming Mario game will only be appearing on the Wii and not on the platform it was originally announced for.

To play the game, Wii users will have to hold the Remote on its side and use the d-pad for the usual movement, with the "2" button used to jump and the "A" button to switch between 2D and 3D.

The magazine also hints at some more interesting uses for the Wii Remote. Players will encounter Pixls, creatures that will give Mario new abilities that make use of the Wii Remote. A butterfly called Tippy will enable you to search areas for secrets, using the Wii Remote to point and spot hidden doors. Players will also gain extra points when shaking the Remote after jumping on an enemy.

The magazine also states that the game will arrive in North America in April 2007. Hopefully PAL territories won't be waiting an extra few months to play the game.