Super Meat Boy Forever and No More Heroes 2 among 20 indie titles coming to Switch

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Nintendo has announced a load of new indie titles at its Nindies summer showcase today. Following the teaser trailer earlier this week, the company has announced 20 new indie titles coming to the console between September and taking us into 2018. Highlights included sequels to No More Heroes and Super Meat Boy.

Super Meat Boy Forever is a sequel to the smash-hit platformer. Forever is actually based on the framework of the iOS version, which had been stuck in development limbo. The sequel promises to be even harder than the original, with endlessly playable levels that get harder every time you play it.

The full list of titles announced during the summer showcase are:

  • Super Meat Boy Forever (2018)
  • Shovel Knight: King of Cards (early 2018)
  • Mom Hid My Game! (late 2017)
  • Golf Story (September 2017)
  • Floor Kids (holiday 2017)
  • Wulver Blade (September 2017)
  • Poly Bridge (holiday 2017)
  • Kentucky Route Zero, TV Edition (early 2018)
  • Earth Atlantis (Fall)
  • Next Up Hero (early 2018)
  • SteamWorld Dig 2 (September 21st)
  • Mulaka (early 2018)
  • Yolo and the Celestial Elephants (October 12th)
  • Dragon: Marked For Death (Winter)
  • Battle Chef Brigade (holiday 2017)
  • Morphies Law (winter)
  • Sausage Sports Club (Fall)
  • Light Fingers (early 2018)
  • Nine Parchments (holiday 2017)
  • No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again (2018)


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