Super Mario Galaxy has been rated for Wii U by the North American ratings board ESRB.

Spotted by Nintendo Life, the rating suggests that the game could be coming to Wii U Virtual Console, just as Super Mario Galaxy 2 did earlier in the year.

Don't expect to see any substantial upgrades if that turns out to be the case, however: Super Mario Galaxy 2 arrived on Wii U as a simple port running at the original 480p resolution.

Super Mario Galaxy first launched on Wii back in 2007 and, while Tom considered it to be one of his favourite games of the year, he didn't think it was anywhere "near as revolutionary as Mario 64". He also claimed that that the "latter half struggles to match the creativity and moment of magic experienced during the opening".

8 years later, though, and he says he doesn't "remember being down on it". "I did give it the joint-lowest rating on Metacritic", he admits. "But that's not the point."

Want to check out his original thoughts? Head through to his review.


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