YouTuber Critbox has managed to complete Super Mario 64 in probably the least fun way possible: using the Nintendo 64's official mouse.

For those unaware, the peripheral was only released in Japan alongside copies of Mario Artist: Paint Studio, so wasn't exactly easy to come by. As you could imagine, controlling Mario with a mouse is a pain in the arse; Critbox had to move the plucky plumber using quick swipes of the device, combined with its left and right buttons.

Needless to say, all the grace and precision afforded by the N64's analog stick is all but lost in this challenge.

Still, he managed to get through the genre-defining platformer in the end, not only beating Bowser but also managing to acquire an impressive 70 stars in the process.

If you haven't played Super Mario 64 yet, then two things: 1) where on earth have you been? and 2) don't use a mouse. 



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