Super-Bikes from Milestone is said to feature "cutting edge physics, total control over rider movement" and a "huge level of customisation to allow riders of all levels a chance to feel that overwhelming sense of achievement."

"The experience presented in Super-bikes is so close to the real thing that you can almost smell the tarmac... Most people only dream of riding a superbike now the chance will be available to all!" said Marco Minoli of Black Bean. "It is very exciting to be working with a team who have such a pedigree in motorcycle games and it was clear from a very early stage that Super-bikes was something different and incredibly special."

Super-Bikes Riding Challenge is in development for PC and PlayStation 2 at Milestone, the team behind the original Superbikes titles from the late '90s and the forthcoming Evolution GT. A release date is still to be set, but for now check out the first batch of screens.