Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive will not make use of the Xbox One's unlocked GPU resources to bump up the rendering resolution, but will instead put more characters and particles on screen, brand development director Ryan Schneider told Gamingbolt.

"For us it's really more about pushing the number of characters on the screen and particles in the game," explained Schneider when quizzed about the June Xbox One SDK update. "If you play the game you will see there are a lot of things that are happening on the screen. It really is great to be supported by Xbox."

Optimisations might not end there, says Schneider.

"We are certainly going to be looking into that and ways to optimize but again the emphasis is on a big, grand spectacle along with unprecedented amount of stuff happening on screen and making sure frame rate does not suffer," he explained.

Sunset Overdrive will run in 900p at 30 frames per second, and is scheduled to launch on October 31.

We'd rather see developers make their games graphically richer than scale down what's on screen in order to render in a higher resolution. Let's hope Insomniac can hit a steady 30 frames per second.

Source: Gamingbolt