Nintendo could learn a thing or two from Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for its next Mario Kart, the game's executive producer has suggested, despite admitting that the two games offer "a very different experience".

"Not only does the multi-surface play [we] have make [Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed] very fresh, but we're also exploring lots of different SEGA games which really varies the levels you'll play on," Sumo Digital's Steve Lycett explained to "Mario Kart tends to stick to the Mario universe instead."

"On top of that the split-screen everywhere mantra means that you can take 5 players all the way through the game, and online, which is a big step up from what's been before.

"What I'm hoping is Nintendo will now have to take a leaf from our game for their next Mario Kart. I think we've pushed the genre forward with this game."

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed released last week on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 to critical acclaim, being particularly commended for its knowing nods to SEGA history.

A Wii U version is due for release alongside the console next Friday, November 30.

A new Mario Kart could still be quite a way off, of course. Nintendo has yet to announce plans for its kart racing series on Wii U.

But if a Mario Kart game is in development, Sumo Digital may already have a head start. Lycett adds that, despite running into "a few wobbles" when first starting development on the Wii U version, the engine used to power Transformed is already next-gen ready.

"We wrote a brand new game engine that scales from Vita up to Wii U, plus it's ready for the next generation of consoles too," he added. "That's been invaluable. Then we make optimised art for each platform, making sure it runs as best as it can."


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