SEGA has confirmed that 2012 will see the fifth Summer of Sonic convention.

Summer of Sonic will be held in London on Saturday July 7. An exact venue is yet to be confirmed.

What's on offer? "SoS is an all-day event that celebrates all aspects of the Sonic franchise. 'Zoned' areas offer a range of different activities - budding artists can sit down at the fan art tables and compete in competitions, speed runners can challenge each other at the retro gaming pods, and the latest Sonic titles are available for fans to try before they're even released."

Summer of Sonic is primarily organised by friend-of-VideoGamer Svend Joscelyne, who penned our 8/10 Sonic Generations review last year.

SEGA also confirmed that the San Diego Comic Convention will also house the Sonic Boom event on July 13, which will not require a SDCC pass to enter.

Both events will likely be a good opportunity to take a look at Sonic 4: Episode II before it's released.