by on Jun 13, 2013

Suda 51 not bothered by Xbox One DRM

Killer Is Dead director Goichi Suda has told VideoGamer that he’s not going to let Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen policies affect him.

“Each console, they really brings a lot of different things to the table, and both Sony and Microsoft have their own philosophies which they’ve injected into this next generation” Suda told us at a behind closed doors interview. “But to us, what I really feel our obligation is, is to bring new games, new content, new ideas, so I don’t really feel what Sony and Microsoft are doing affects our ultimate goal, our ultimate mission…we continue to experiment with different engines, using that as our platform so to speak.

“We want to put our titles on as many different platforms as possible. It doesn’t really affect what we’re going to do: we’re going to experiment with different engines and styles, and we’re not going to let [what the consoles do] affect us.”

Suda is currently finishing up work on Killer Is Dead, which is due for release in August.


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