Glen Schofield, CEO of PUBG studio Striking Distance, has described its developing PUBG project as a “quad-A” game (via VGC).

In an interview with VentureBeat, Schofield was able to shed a little light on the studio’s journey and the challenges he and his team have grappled with during the pandemic. Striking Distance has almost 80 employees, with “a lot of hiring to do, 40 or 50 more people, in all kinds of disciplines.” The studio is working remotely which means that certain elements of development, like motion capture, have to be put on hold until things settle down again. 

“We practiced working from home,” said Schofield. “People came back on that Monday and let us know what equipment they were missing or what wasn’t working. We had our network guys fix everything. We went out and got whatever equipment, in most cases cameras. We secured and encrypted all the PCs for everyone who wanted to bring a PC home. We were ready when we shut down the studio, and we’re 100 percent up and running.” Schofield also stated that the opportunity to direct this sort of studio and produce this sort of game is “a dream come true… I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

He wasn’t able to say what the studio is rustling up in the East Bay Area of California, but it is evident that Schofield is proud of what the team has accomplished thus far. “We’ve only been working on the game about seven or eight months. Most of it coming up with mechanics, and a lot of story,” he explained. “We have a couple of great story people. We have people from every discipline now, so we’re getting underway and starting to build stuff. The underlying technology as well.”

Interestingly, the game “quad-A,” according to Schofield. “We hope to just make something triple-A. We’re actually calling it quad-A,” he said. “We want to go above and beyond and make something special. That’s what PUBG has allowed me to do. Hopefully we’ll have something great to release to our fans.”

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