Strike Suit Infinity, a wave-based score-chaser, will be released as a standalone game on April 30, Born Ready Games has announced.

Set in the Strike Suit universe, Infinity does not require the main game to play, but combines the skills and manoeuvres players will have used in Strike Suit Zero with new competitive play through online leaderboards.

Players fight to stay alive as long as possible against an army of enemies separated into rounds. Each round is comprised of numerous waves of enemies, which get progressively harder.

Chaining take-downs will increase a score multiplier, which in turn will boost the overall score potential.

In addition, it will be possible to use credits between rounds to buy strategic reinforcements such as basic Interceptors and Fighters, all the way up to Cruisers and Frigates.

Strike Suit Infinity will be available April 30 on Steam priced £4.99.

Players of Strike Suit Zero can also look forward to the release of the Heroes of the Fleet mission pack DLC, with further details to be released shortly.

Source: Press release