Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition will be released for Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network on August 24, Capcom has announced.

Set in a timeline after Street Fighter IV, Third Strike Online Edition features the characters from the Street Fighter III series, GGPO-enabled online, HD-filtered graphics, unlockables and an integrated leaderboard.

  • GGPO-Enabled Online Play - SFII: TSOE will be the first pure fighting game to use true GGPO-enabled online functionality, allowing for pixel-perfect arcade play online, including a matching system and leaderboards.
  • Unchanged Arcade Gameplay - Utmost care was taken to maintain an arcade perfect experience and not to change the deep gameplay system that has become revered as one of the most sophisticated in the fighting genre.
  • Upgraded Visuals - With new art and UI matched to hand-tuned HD Filtering options, players can customise their viewing experience, even playing in a simulated arcade cabinet.
  • YouTube Replay Sharing - Not only will players be able to watch local and global match relpays in-game, but with a click of a button upload replays directly to YouTube and share with the rest of the world.
  • Watch with Friends - A new channel that broadcasts a continuous live feed of the best match being played at any given moment, as well as allowing players to search for specific matches to be viewed solo or with friends.
  • Special Features and Unlockables - Optional side panel challenges track progress as you push your limits to unlock achievements and rewards.