During a GameFest lecture, platform manager Mark Coates has revealed some new stats for the Xbox LIVE Arcade service, including which games sold the most and which swallowed up the most gaming time.

Although no actual sales figures for the LIVE Arcade have been released, Microsoft estimates that by the year end some 100 titles will be available on the service with 45 million downloads made by Xbox LIVE users.

The LIVE Arcade also looks to be a good little earner for publishers, with Xbox LIVE Arcade titles earning a 156% average return. To date over $30 million has been made on the service, with Microsoft predicting that revenue on Xbox LIVE Arcade will more than double in the next fiscal year.

Taking a closer look at individual titles, Coates revealed that Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting was the best selling game in fiscal 2007 (July 06-June 07), followed by UNO (the top game of fiscal 2006), TMNT, Worms and DOOM. The average conversion rate was 18%, with TMNT proving the most successful at converting a demo into a full purchase.

Coates also revealed stats regarding the top titles based on usage. The games with the most users during 2007 have been TMNT, Worms, UNO, Castlevania and 3D Minigolf Adventures. However, when looking at average session length and total minutes played it's the casual games which take the lead. The game with the highest average session length is Jewel Quest, with UNO and Texas Hold'em clocking up the most minutes.