The collection includes direct arcade conversions of Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold and Street Fighter Alpha 3, as well as Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix. All the modes from the arcade versions are present so we can expect Arcade mode, Versus mode, Training mode, and also Battle and Survivor modes. Sadly there is no sign of any online play.

Street Fighter Alpha has a cast of 13 characters from the Street Fighter universe, and introduced super combos and alpha counters. Alpha 2 features 18 characters, adds new moves and combos for each character and introduces high and low alpha counters. Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold is just an enhanced version of the previous game featuring different versions of some of the characters. In Street Fighter Alpha 3 there is a selection of 25 characters and players are also offered the choice of three "isms" fighting styles.

Online play would have made the collection a must have for beat 'em up fans, but a collection of arcade perfect ports will be enough for most Street Fighter enthusiasts. Street Fighter Alpha Anthology is scheduled for a summer release on the PlayStation 2.