Capcom has announced at Evo 2017 that another playable character will be joining the Street Fighter V fighting roster on July 25. Abigail is originally a boss character from the Final Fight series of games. He also looks dead hard.

Abigail is the fourth character of the second season, and will be available to those who’ve accrued enough Fight Money, or if you've purchased the Street Fighter V Character Pass. Abigail is definitely a terrifying and indomitable new character, towering quite ridiculously over his opponents. The scale comparison is similar to seeing Brock Lesnar fighting a small child. Which hopefully never happens.

A new stage will also be available for purchase on July 25. It’s called Metro City Bay Area, and shows Abigail's Scrap Metal yard in the background.

Street Fighter V was released on the PS4 and PC. You can check out the trailer for the new fighter below.