There's still no word from EA on a UK release date for Rock Band 2, despite the fact that the game came out in the US yesterday.

UK gamers might have to wait a while for the much anticipated sequel to the amazing Rock Band, from Harmonix, given that the original game was only released on non-Xbox 360 formats last Friday following an exclusivity window on Microsoft's console.

When contacted by for an update on the situation EA told us it didn't have "any confirmation or announcement on a UK date for Rock Band 2" and that the UK branch is currently "concentrating on the PlayStation and Wii launches" of the original game.

Last week EA announced a price drop for the Instrument Edition to £109.99, which applies to all versions, including the 360 set. The move followed an outcry from gamers over the high pricing of the European version of the game compared with the US version.

With the 360 version of the sequel now enjoying an exclusivity period in the States, we suspect a similar situation here in the UK. As soon as we know, you'll know.