Is SteamWorld Build cross-platform? – Bring your saves to other platforms

Is SteamWorld Build cross-platform? – Bring your saves to other platforms
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Is SteamWorld Build Cross-Platform? Become the architect of a SteamWorld mining town full of Steambots searching for a means of escaping their dying planet and their impending doom. Collect natural resources, discover hidden secrets, and break ground on an epic quest for survival.

If you are interested in this title by Publisher Thunderful, you may want to know when the SteamWorld Build release date is. You can pre-order SteamWorld Build for various platforms and consoles.

This new city-builder in the SteamWorld universe will have you searching for ancient tech in the Old West. Can you reach the final frontier? Is SteamWorld Build cross-platform? Can you carry your saved data over or play with friends on other platforms?

Does SteamWorld Build have cross-platform saves?

No. SteamWorld Build does not have cross-platform saves. This means that you can’t carry your saved data over from one platform to another. Whether you are playing on PlayStation, Xbox Series X/S, PC, or Nintendo Switch, your saved data will need to stay on the platform you have.

This is confirmed on the Steam Store page for the game which would show if the game has this feature. It is always possible for cross-save features to come in the future.

A scenic snapshot of a bustling metropolis amidst the arid desert.
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Untold riches await you in the new frontier. Gather up your Steambot citizens, have them collect abundant ores, and meet their complex needs. As you explore the world, you will trade resources at the local train stop, protect your citizens from creepy varmints, and build a bustling SteamWorld town.

Does SteamWorld Build have cross-platform multiplayer?

Nope. SteamWorld Build doesn’t have a multiplayer game mode. This means that you also won’t be able to play with friends on different platforms. While this is unfortunate, this is similar to past games in the franchise such as SteamWorld Heist, SteamWorld Quest, and SteamWorld Dig which were all single-player experiences.

There is a future multiplayer title named SteamWorld Headhunter that could possibly feature a cross-play or some form of multiplayer across different platforms. For now, your goal is to build a thriving town across distinct maps in this single-player game in the city builder genre.

SteamWorld Build Cross-Platform – FAQ

Can you carry saved data to other platforms in SteamWorld Build?

No. Your saved data must remain on the system you are playing on.

Will SteamWorld Build get cross-save in the future?

There is no mention of cross-save coming in the future.