Is SteamWorld Build multiplayer? – Can you play with friends?

Is SteamWorld Build multiplayer? – Can you play with friends?
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Is SteamWorld Build Multiplayer? Can you explore the planet and discover ancient technologies with your friends? Every discerning SteamWorld explorer whether they are playing on sandbox difficulty or hard mode, will want to invite friends to their bustling SteamWorld town.

If you plan on searching for long-lost spacefaring technology in the Old West, you may want to know when the SteamWorld Build release date is. Does SteamWorld Build also have early access?

Get ready to welcome special visitors to your cities and uncover the secrets of the past. Whether you are exploring distinct maps or establishing the basic creature comforts such as vital water that all bots need, can you bring a friend along? Does SteamWorld Build have a multiplayer mode?

Does SteamWorld Build have a multiplayer mode?

Nope. Unfortunately, SteamWorld Build does not have a multiplayer game mode. This means that you will not be able to play with your friends in the new frontier. Instead, you will need to go it alone as you search for natural resources and dig deep into the Earth to collect ancient tech. Hopefully, you can reach the final frontier without aid.

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This is confirmed if you check sites selling the game such as the PlayStation store, Nintendo Switch eShop, or the Xbox Series X/S Store. Each platform shows the game as a single-player-only title. Even, Steam, the PC platform, labels the game as single-player.

This isn’t much of a surprise considering past games in the SteamWorld Franchise such as SteamWorld Heist, SteamWorld Quest, and even SteamWorld Dig are all single-player experiences.

Craft your Steambots, build up your town in this city-builder, and meet everyone’s complex needs. Make sure everything connects to the local train stop and be sure to protect your city from creepy varmints and monsters.

With all of that in mind, be sure to know where you can pre-order SteamWorld Build so you can enjoy this new city-builder when it is released in December.

SteamWorld Build Multiplayer – FAQ

Does SteamWorld Build have co-op?

Nope. SteamWorld Build is a single-player experience just like past games in the franchise.

Does SteamWorld Build feature a PvP game mode?

Nope. The only game mode is a single-player mode where you build and defend a city.