SteamOS will “really help” Linux-based desktops, says Linux creator

SteamOS will “really help” Linux-based desktops, says Linux creator
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Linux may become a more viable operating system for gamers thanks to Valve’s SteamOS, Linux creator Linus Torvalds told an audience at LinuxCon in Edinburgh.

“I love the Steam announcements – I think that’s an opportunity to really help the desktop,” said Torvalds.

SteamOS will launch for free and is designed to bring PC gaming to the living room environment.

The gaming and entertainment-focussed OS is already flexing its muscles, with Nvidia having a change of heart relating to open-source driver development.

“I’m not just saying it’ll help us get traction with the graphics guys,” he said. “It’ll also force different distributors to realise if this is how Steam is going, they need to do the same thing because they can’t afford to be different in this respect. They want people to play games on their platform too.”

SteamOS will be available soon as a free download.

Source: PC Pro