In what is bound to be the first of many similar special edition releases, Stealth will be receiving a small portion of Wipeout Pure on the same UMD as the movie. The movie was a gigantic flop at the box office, making only $31 million - a poor performance for film that cost $130 million.

Keen to sell plenty of copies on UMD, 'Wipeout Pure: Stealth Edition' is included on the disk. This offers a small three-level chunk from the original game, a special 'Stealth' track and the option to race in the fighter jet from the movie. While this may sound like a nice bonus for movie buyers, it will come at a cost, with the UMD costing $39.95 (no UK release or price details as of yet), some $10-$20 more expensive than the average UMD movie.

Stealth hits UMD in North America on November 15th.