State of Decay Title Update 3 will begin rolling out across all territories today, developer Undead Labs has announced.

The third update will download and install free of charge when you load the game.

Update Notes:


- You can now ask a community NPC to follow you and watch your back. Followers can also accompany you on most non-storyline missions.

- NPCs who have been told to leave your community no longer remain in your Journal and take up bed space.

- Jacob can no longer be selected for a "Mercy Shot" mission before he gives you the "Home Away from Home" mission.

- You can now train members of another Enclave in your Dojo immediately upon construction of the Dojo.


- Fixed Snyder Warehouse not repairing vehicles.

- Fixed community NPCs sometimes blocking the door to Snyder Warehouse.

- You can no longer move to a Home site that supports fewer Outposts than you currently control.

- Vehicles are no longer teleported to Home parking spaces at 6:00 AM.


- Outposts are now numbered on the map.

- Added Journal log entry for establishing an Outpost.

- Outpost bonuses to Stockpiles are now retained when the game is restarted.


- Added Journal log entries for "Memento" mission.

- Changed AI to ensure zombies are present when you get a training mission or a morale mission.

- You are now reminded every 15 minutes, starting at 30 minutes, that your progress is not being saved while in a mission.

- Fixed bug that allowed save spinner to sometimes display during missions.

- Additional polish to "The Law" mission.


- Fixed an issue where Influence attrition wasn't scaling properly, which led to some Influence exploits.

- Removed references to generators in Fuel description.

- Fixed a terrain issue that caused parked vehicles to catch on fire when restarting the game.

- Fixed getting "Stockpile maximum exceeded" Journal log entry immediately after leaving Mount Tanner.

- Fixed issues that allowed community to exceed the population cap.

- Minor improvements to shadows.

- Fixed some missing subtitles.

- Fixed some floating bushes and grass.

- Fixed some typos.

- Fixed issues in non-English translations.

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