Undead Labs has revealed that microtransactions will not be featured in upcoming zombie-slaying sequel State of Decay 2. 

Studio chief Jeff Strain confirmed as much to IGN, though didn't delve any deeper into the subject. To be honest, that's probably all you need to know anyway. State of Decay is scheduled for release on PC and Xbox One on May 22, and can also be snapped up as an Xbox Play-Anywhere title, with cross-play between both formats available to boot. 

The sequel takes place in an open-world and allows gamers to bring along up to three other players to help them survive the undead onslaught. There's a lot of anticipation surrounding State of Decay 2, seeing as how its predecessor was something of a critical darling and flogged over 4.5 million copies worldwide. Here's hoping it delivers, eh?

The game's standard edition will be priced at just $29.99, although if you want you can plump for a more expensive Ultimate Edition, which throws in a bunch of additional content. 

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