State of Decay 2: Daybreak Pack features more zombies and Achievements

State of Decay 2: Daybreak Pack features more zombies and Achievements
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Shambling undead-mashing sequel State of Decay 2's upcoming Daybreak Pack has been blown wide open by developer Undead Labs.

Due for release on September 12, the State of Decay 2 Daybreak Pack will retail for $9.99 and adds a new Zombie Siege co-op mode, more loot, extra zombies to reduce to a decomposing mess, as well as the heavily-armed Red Talon soldiers.

Packing some serious firepower, you'll fend off waves of the rotting coffin-dodgers in a Horde-like setting while defending your location as a technician beavers away on satellite repairs.

As mentioned, there's more zombies to stuff full of lead, including the deadly Blood Plague Juggernaut. Fortunately, you'll have a bunch of new weapons to help even the score, including eight new ranged CLEO weapons, six new melee tools to clobber your enemies with, and a bunch of extra deployable explosives.

State of Decay 2's Daybreak Pack also chucks in over two dozen new Achievements to hoover up, and you will also have the opportunity to earn extra base upgrades and even bring your Red Talon grunt over to the main campaign.

VideoGamer thought State of Decay 2 wasn't a bad effort, although didn't really do all that much to stand out from the crowd. Not that it matters, as the game still has over two million players.