Starhawk has gone gold, meaning it's now all set to launch in the UK on May 9, Sony and developer Lightbox Interactive have announced.

Feeling full of joy and happiness, Lightbox Interactive has revealed that the game's beta testers are to receive a thank you by way of some free items.

The first item is The Hand of the Founder, an exclusive character accessory. It's a gold, glowing, atom thing that is bonded to your right hand. Lightbox has designed the item as a way to show off to your friends and everyone else online that you were one of Starhawk's founders.

The second item is the Warhawk Paint Set. It includes two exclusive vehicle paint schemes that you can use to customise any of your vehicles in Starhawk. You'll only get this set if you beta tested Starhawk and also played Warhawk.

These items will not be made available by any other means as they are intended to be a special thank you to fans.