Star Wars: The Old Republic is going to offer a free-to-play option later this year, and BioWare has revealed the limitations to players who choose to play this way.

The full details can be found on the official website, but in summary the limitations are the following.

  • Three Flashpoints per week
  • Three Warzones per week
  • Three Space Missions per week
  • The option to buy a weekly premium pass
  • Inventory expansion and cargo hold restrictions
  • Field revivals upon death are restricted
  • Character creation restrictions
  • Limited quick travel
  • Restrictions on login wait time
  • Inability to equip most purple items unless license is bought

If you're a current subscriber, you can head here to see how many complimentary coins you'll get when the F2P version launches.

After speaking to our resident SWTOR expert, Matt Nellis, this sounds like you'll have access to all the game's content, but most things have been made more inconvenient. The only limitation that got him slightly worked up is the inability to equip most purple items unless a license is bought.