Hot on the heels of announcing NBA 2K21 for Xbox Game Pass earlier today, Xbox has unveiled the rest of the titles coming along in the first of the usual bi-monthly updates for Xbox Games Pass subscribers this month.

Joining NBA 2K21 then will be American Football sim Madden NFL 21 which is available on Console from today, followed by Football Manager 2021 for PC on March 4 and the console-tweaked Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition on the same day. 

Later in March, though no specific date has yet been given is sci-fi dogfighting title, the excellent Star Wars: Squadrons will be available on the Console version of the service. Then at some point in April ice hockey gets its turn in the sun with NHL 21.

A set of games will of course, also be leaving the service on March 15, so if you're a Xbox Game Pass subscriber you've got a few days left to play Alvastia Chronicles, Astrologaster, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Kona and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt before they disappear. 


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