Star Wars: The Old Republic developers Arnie Jogensen, Alex Thomas, and John Watson are leaving BioWare in order to make a new RPG/RTS title, The Banner Saga.

The three have spent the last five years as part of the team behind The Old Republic, and now seek to develop an indie game described as "roleplaying meets turn-based strategy, wrapped into an adventure miniseries about Vikings," Kotaku reports.

Thomas and Jorgensen have previously worked as senior environment artist and lead concept artist on the BioWare MMO, and are planning to create an art style of "painstakingly hand-animated" characters similar to those in animated films.

The Banner Saga will be developed by the trio's studio, Stoic. It has no current release date.

Like WoW, whose talent pool spawned Guild Wars' ArenaNet, it's likely we'll see a similar wave of new studios pouring out of BioWare's development mines. But whether Stoic turns out to be an ArenaNet or a sagging Flagship Studios has yet to be seen.


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