Electronic Arts has teased the next major content update for Star Wars Battlefront II, which is known as The Chosen One.

As you might have twigged, the update will add Anakin Skywalker to the roster, the legendary Jedi who would later become Star Wars' resident Big Bad, Darth Vader. As expected, his appearance in Battlefront II is based off Hayden Christensen's portrayal of the character in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

The Chosen One update will also feature a complete overhaul for The Grand Army of the Republic, including new armour for clone troopers and other cosmetic touches based on the prequel movies. 

The update will arrive on February 27, and follows on the heels of the introduction of Count Dooku as a playable character. He's also available in a mod that removes his hands and head.

Disney recently commented that it is happy with its relationship with EA and its handling of the Star Wars brand.

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