Star Trek Online player 'SkybuckFlying' has inadvertently shared a directory full of nude pictures of female characters from the game.

The nude images were obtained via the use of an outlawed nude patch, which SkybuckFlying was also attempting to sell to other players.

The images were spotted after SkybuckFlying posted on the game's forums sharing screen grabs of what he believed were unidentified enemy ships.

"Why don't you tell us why you have a folder full of pics of various players you took using a nude mod, probably without their knowledge?" posted an angry player.

"Incidentally I took a screenshot of the directory and also mirrored the entire thing, so don't bother trying to remove or hide it. Also, that ad for the in-game nude patch is reeeeally classy."

The pictures were swiftly removed, but Skybuck is yet to reappear.

Via NeoGAF