Phil Harrison, vice president and general manager for Google, has said the company won't allow adult-only content on Stadia, its newly-unveiled game streaming platform.

Speaking with PCGamesN at GDC this week, Harrison said that Google will employ 'standard industry practice' when it comes to the curation of content for Stadia, which is due out later this year. The streaming platform will utilise both PEGI and the ESRB, with Harrison confirming 'we won’t allow adult only content on our platform.'

Google announced Stadia during a keynote at GDC earlier this week. The platform will be supported by a brand new in-house development outfit, Stadia Games and Entertainment, lead by former Assassin's Creed producer Jade Raymond. 

Stadia has yet to attract a concrete release date, but Google says it will launch in the US and Europe at some point later this year. Stadia has also made Josh just a bit grumpy and excited

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