Double Fine has announced Stacking, a new XBLA and PSN title in which players embark on a quest to reunite a chimney sweep named Charlie Blackmore with his family after they've been forced into indentured servitude by an evil industrialist.

It's not that simple though. Charlie is a Russian Matryoshka, or Nesting Doll - a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside the other.

And it's this doll mechanic which forms the bulk of the gameplay, with players able to stack inside any doll which is one size larger. You'll have to perform this hijack from behind, but once inside you can command the larger doll and make use of its special ability. These abilities are crucial to solving puzzles and getting Charlie back to his family.

The game's set for release in spring 2011.

Costume Quest was a rather enjoyable and quirky RPG, and Stacking looks to feature much of the same charm fans expect from a Double Fine production.

Without the pressures of huge production budgets, the studio looks to have rediscovered what made it so popular with gamers in the first place.