While SSX is a snowboarding game, EA's reboot did feature skis early on in development. Due to animation concerns, however, they have since been removed.

"We had skiing in at the very early days in this SSX, and I was actually one of the advocates; I was pushing that we should have it." SSX creative director Todd Batty explains in the September issue of Edge.

"That's something that made its first appearance in SSX: ON Tour, but the tough thing about skiing is that every single animation in the entire game would have to be duplicated for characters with skis as opposed to characters on snowboards."

"If we did skis, it would mean half as many tricks split across skis and snowboards. SSX at its core is a snowboarding game first and foremost."

Batty doesn't rule out skiing entirely, however, mentioning that it could arrive in one form or another after the game is released.

"We'd love to do skis at some point in the future, maybe as DLC or in a follow up version to this one, but that was something we had to let go."

There's still much to learn about the upcoming reboot, with multiplayer details to be revealed at gamescom.

SSX is due for release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 early 2012.


A lack of skis doesn't bother me in the slightest. Who wants to play as dicks on sticks!? Boarding's where it's at, yo.