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Square Enix’s Life is Strange will raise awareness about homelessness with charity collaboration

Square Enix will be collaborating with charity Centrepoint to raise awareness of teenage homelessness throughout the month of December (via MCV). 

This is a “crucial” time of the year for homelessness, and the publisher said it would support Centrepoint’s current campaigns through the official Life is Strange social channels. It will also hold an “an awareness driving livestream with a selection of partner content creators” at an unannounced date in December. “Life is Strange as a series has provided players with a glimpse into slices of life they may have never even considered, and has provided awareness of a great number of issues faced by young people in our society, creating some truly inspirational conversation among players,” explained Jon Brooke, co-director at Square Enix External Studios.

“When Square Enix approached us, and introduced us to Life is Strange 2, we were incredibly impressed by the game’s portrayal of homelessness among young people,” stated Paul Brocklehurst, head of helpline at Centrepoint. “Sean and Daniel find themselves made homeless at the beginning of the game. And though throughout the story they find places to stay, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have a home.”

The Diaz brothers are forced to leave their home after tragedy strikes, but lots of the causes of homelessness are a slow burn. Centrepoint cites expensive rents, a lack of affordable homes to buy, and a chaotic job market that have led to 22,000 young people living on the streets in the UK alone. “There are thousands more sleeping on sofas, floors, night buses or with strangers—these are the ‘hidden homeless’,” Brocklehurst clarified. “I believe the game will encourage people to look into how young people are living these scenarios in reality, and that there are things that can be done to support them.”

If you have been affected by the events depicted in Life is Strange 2, you can call Centrepoint’s helpline on 0808 800 0661 or contact them online. To find out more about the charity’s new campaign, click here.


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