Producers and development teams at Final Fantasy XIII publisher/developer Square Enix "don't have a particular favourite platform", the director on upcoming RPG The Last Remnant has revealed.

Speaking to during a trip to Tokyo to check out the title, director Hiroshi Takai, whose credits include Legend of Mana, the Romancing SaGa trilogy and PS2 launch title The Bouncer, reinforced the company's commitment to multi-platform development with its high-profile role-playing games, but said that the 360 is an "easy" platform to develop on, and revealed that The Last Remnant team had "quite a lot of fun" with it.

Square Enix has down the years been a predominantly PlayStation exclusive developer, with its showcase Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest titles appearing on Sony's consoles only from the late 90s.

However, in recent months the famed Japanese company has changed that perception somewhat by supporting Microsoft's Xbox 360 extensively. At E3 in July Square Enix stunned the gaming world by taking to the stage during Microsoft's press conference to announce that Final Fantasy XIII would also be coming to the Xbox 360 in Western markets.

While The Last Remnant is planned as a multiplatform title, it is being released on the Xbox 360 first, this Thursday, with no date announced for the PS3 or PC versions. Infinite Undiscovery, released earlier this year, was a 360 exclusive, and Star Ocean: The Last Hope, planned for release next year, will also be a 360 exclusive.

When asked if, going forward, Square Enix will be making all of its 'next-gen' games multiplatform, Takai-san said: "If there's something that a particular platform can do that the game really needs to take advantage of then it may end up being an exclusive title, but otherwise the producers or the development teams don't have a particular favourite platform, so there isn't really anything to stop us from just going multiplatform in the future."

He added: "The 360 is an easy platform to make games for. The dev environment and the dev kit and everything they've released, those were really dev friendly, so it was quite a lot of fun to work on the 360 version from a development point of view."

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