Sports Island 3D from Hudson Soft will be released for Nintendo 3DS this June, Konami has announced.

The game marks the debut of Hudson's mini-game series on the 3DS, and allows up to four players to participate in ten events designed to show off the 3D capabilities of the handheld.

The ten sports on offer are Football, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Snowball Fighting, Sumo Wrestling, Bowling, Snowmobile Racing, Sport Blowgun and Trampoline.

Sports Island 3D also introduces special power-ups that can give each player an advantage during a specific event. These 'Super Play' actions give the player a chance to hit their opponent with a seemingly unstoppable move, and take the form of over-sized rackets or a heavier ball in Tennis, Cannon Dunk and huge jump moves in Basketball, and an unstoppable Rainbow shot in Football.

The four-player modes will be available either via wireless play or download.

The Sports Island franchise has carved out enough of an audience to warrant numerous editions of Wii, DS and Xbox 360 despite unfavourable reviews. We're not expecting much from the 3DS version, but coming fairly early in the life of the handheld means it should attract gamers who would otherwise have passed.