Sports Interactive has "no plans at all" to bring Football Manager to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, studio director Miles Jacobson has confirmed to Sportra.

The developer has previously experimented with Football Manager on console having brought the 2006-2009 titles to Xbox 360. It hasn't released a home console version since, however.

SEGA suggested earlier this year that it could port its "big strategy [PC] properties" to next-gen platforms. But clearly Football Manager won't be one of them.

Nevertheless, the full Football Manager experience could be brought to other platforms in the future - including the new iPad Air.

"Technically, it might be possible with the new [iPad] that comes out in a couple of weeks," said Jacobson discussing platforms that could handle the PC version, "Whether it's the right game for that device, probably not. Because people play games on mobiles and tablets differently to the way they play games on PCs.

"On the PC our average play time per session is over two hours, whereas on the iOS devices it's less than half an hour. So the iOS game is specifically designed for those devices, but you know, who knows what could happen in the future.

"But people also do have to remember that every time a new device comes out, if we were just to support that new device, it means that anyone who has any of the other iOS devices won't get the game at all. So you know, unless everyone throws away their old devices, and just gets new devices, it's something that might be difficult for us to support, certainly in the short term. Who knows in the medium term."

Football Manager 2014 is available now on PC, Mac, Linux and iOS.