A job advertisement for a Graphics Engineer has revealed that Spore studio Maxis is working on a "triple-A simulation-style game".

The ad states: "Maxis is seeking an experienced Graphics Engineer to join our team in Emeryville, CA. In this role, you will be working with a highly talented and experienced team on an upcoming triple-A simulation style game."

Maxis was last seen when Darkspore emerged back in April 2011, and although the game was rumoured for console platforms nothing has appeared.

The studio was formed by celebrated video game designer Will Wright and produced mega hit franchises including SimCity and The Sims. However, Wright departed in 2009 to begin idea factory Stupid Fun Club.

Will the new triple-A simulation game be a return to form for the studio? Hopefully a back to roots project will bring better results than the disappointing DarkSpore.

Via Superannuation