Spiritfarer’s Lily Update goes live and adds a new spirit and improved co-op features

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Afterlife adventure Spiritfarer has received the first of three planned major updates today, with developer Thunder Lotus announcing that the first Lily Update is available in the game now.

The update's main addition is new butterfly spirit Lily, who's Stella's younger sister and affords the ability to navigate your ship during the nighttime. However, it should be noted that she'll only appear towards the end of the game. Other new features in this update include the ability to Fish in co-op, a new atmosphere for Buck's event and a new co-op controller assignment screen, as well as some quality of life improvements.

The studio also took the time in an accompanying blog post to update fans on the some other news relating to the game, first noting that this will be the smallest of the three planned updates this year. Spiritfarer has also been the development team's most successful game, surpassing over 500,000 units sold since it launched back in August of last year.

Finally, the team have offered an update on Gustav's story, which you may remember resulted in a an apology from Thunder Lotus after it was pointed out the writing was unintentionally ableist against the disabled community. The studio says it has "collected invaluable feedback from a panel of gamers with disabilities" and will implement the changes in the game's next 'Beverly Update' expected later this summer.

Check out the trailer for the Lily update below which is available now in Spiritfarer on Xbox One and PC via Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. You can also check the full patch notes here.


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