Spider-Man swings through the streets of San Andreas in this GTA mod

Spider-Man swings through the streets of San Andreas in this GTA mod
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You can take the hero out of New York, but you can’t take the radioactive spider-venom from New York out of the hero. Thanks to the tireless work of modder J16D, you’ll soon (hopefully) be able to play as the Webslinger in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, on PC, as spotted by Kotaku

They began the passion project in 2015, and it’s clear the Insomniac rendition of the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man has inspired some of his more recent updates. The concrete jungle may be Spidey’s natural habitat, but the fluid animations and assets look very at home here on the West Coast. 

The outfits from the movies and comics have been wonderfully reproduced here; J16D has even made a version of the Insomniac costume from last year’s game, Marvel’s Spider-Man. San Andreas is pretty aged now, which makes this all the more impressive feat. J16D wants to add wall-running, new menus and new web textures, so you’ll have to wait before you can play it. The closest thing we have to a release date is ‘Soon…’ But it looks amazing so far. 

Check out a taster of what J16D’s done in the video below.