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Spider-Man receives two new suits, including the Bombastic Bag-Man

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Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games has revealed that two free suits are winging their way to the PlayStation 4-exclusive superhero outing today.

First up, the wall-crawler will be able to strap on the Bombastic Bag-Man suit, which was featured in an episode of Amazing Spider-Man where our masked hero teamed up with the Fantastic Four. Cool, eh? 

Complementing this is the Future Foundation suit, which is another Fantastic Four crossover. You can grab them both now by simply downloading Spider-Man update 1.14, so get cracking.

Spider-Man was released on PS4 back in September, and Colm really rated it. The game was a massive success, becoming the fastest-selling superhero game of all time in the US, and Sony's fastest-selling first-party game of all time

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