It's likely that Spicy Horse will make a new Alice game with EA, the studio has revealed on its Kickstarter for OZombie.

In a Kickstarter update posted earlier this week, game designer American McGee wrote: "We here at Spicy Horse have been working for the past couple of months on securing rights to further develop content related to the 'Alice' property.

"Our talks have been split between EA, who own and control the game rights, and Collision Entertainment, who own and control the film rights. While our talks with EA about a new game have been productive and it's likely we'll eventually reach an agreement for a new game, the negotiations around the film rights have finalized and we're now happy to announce that deal."

Relating to the new game, McGee added: "We are still in negotiations to obtain a license to make another game."

The film rights will cost the studio half a million dollars.

"We've reached an agreement whereby we can purchase that license. This will then allow us to move forward with producing Alice's story in film," explains Kickstarter.

"As with most things in Hollywood, the deal is a little complex. It's structured as a purchase option, which is like 'rent to own.' We pay $100,000 USD to secure the option, which also enables us to make animated shorts based on the Alice property. In order to purchase the license outright and be able to make a feature film we need to pay $500,000 USD in total. The initial payment of $100,000 USD goes towards that final purchase price. That initial payment needs to be followed up with yearly payments in the same amount or the rights revert to the seller."

A stretch goal of $1,050,000 or greater will allow Spicy Horse to secure the option for the Alice: Otherlands film rights.

Source: Kickstarter