Ubisoft's Spartacus Legends, a bloody brawler based on the hit television series, will be released early next year as a Play 4 Free game on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PSN, the publisher has announced.

The game will see players taking part in gladiatorial battles and managing their own ludus (a gladiator training camp).

  • Weapon & Gear Customization: Upgrade your gladiators with the most ruthless weaponry in the world, to take on the opposition and unleash madness.
  • Lanista Manager Like Gameplay: Train your gladiators with over 8 different fighting styles & choose from thousands of weapon combinations to build the ultimate warriors.
  • Play 4 Free: Experience all of the world-class combat of Spartacus for Free! Simply download the game and get into the action. With our micro-transaction model, you choose the destiny of your Ludus and the eternal glory of your gladiator.
  • Weekly Challenges: Experience iconic weekly challenges for a chance to get on the global leaderboards and showcase your skills to everyone in the world.
  • World of Gladiators: Immerse yourself in the world of Gladiators and battle in some of the greatest arenas of all time.