SoulCalibur VI reveals Tira as a DLC character

SoulCalibur VI reveals Tira as a DLC character
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Bandai Namco Games has announced a new addition to the SoulCalibur VI roster, with Tira joining the upcoming fighting game sequel as a DLC character.

Debuting in SoulCalibur III, Tira, who is known as the Bird of Death, will be available to snap up as part of the SoulCalibur VI Season Pass or as standalone DLC.

She wields a pretty nasty Ring Blade known as Eiserne Drossel, and wonders the earth generally pissed off while slaughtering anyone who gets in her way. Blimey, not the sort of lady you want to meet down a dark alley, then.

Elsewhere, Bamco also lifted the wraps off SoulCalibur VI's second story mode, known as Libra of Soul. This allows players to cobble together their own custom fighter using an in-depth customisation mode, before setting off on a globe-trotting quest to stop an evil mastermind from grabbing the shards of Soul Edge.

SoulCalibur VI will feature a dedicated online multiplayer mode too, where players can duke it out in casual and ranked matches. Sounds pretty standard, but good to know nonetheless. 

Bandai Namco Games will release SoulCalibur VI for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on October 19, with a Collector's Edition of the scrapper also available on the same day.