Japanese sales figures for the week ended February 5, 2012 reveal a very disappointing showing for Namco Bandai's SoulCalibur V.

The PS3 version charted at No.2 with first week sales of 34,328 copies, whilst the Xbox 360 game shifted just 7,679 copies. By comparison, SoulCalibur IV sold 74,607 copies on PS3 and 34,786 copies on Xbox 360 following its launch in July 2008.

The combined figures of 42,007 vs 109,393 represent a huge 61 per cent drop in first week sales.

SoulCalibur V debuted at No.5 in the UK All Formats chart, but faces a tough task hanging on to that position with another batch of new titles hitting stores on Friday.

The game earned a 7/10 in our SoulCalibur V review