Keoi has announced the June 2008 release of Soul Nomad for PlayStation 2. From Nippon Ichi, Soul Nomad expands on the tactical elements of the Disgeaea series with a brand new battle system and combines the strategy elements of tactical RPGs with command based battles.

An enemy emerges that is far too powerful for the good guys to defeat so you end up selling your soul to your old arch enemy in return for more power. How much power you wield and how much of your own body you give up is up to you.

Players will have a full army at their disposal, with battles taking place using a combination of vast grid based battlefields and real time combat. There's also complete freedom to place squads and take advantage of the terrain on which the battles play out.

"Soul Nomad once again cements Nippon Ichi's position at the forefront of tactical RPGs," said Will Curley, KOEI Sales Manager. "Anyone who has fallen for the addictive charms of the likes of Disgaea and Makai Kingdom will revel in the ambitiously expansive battle system and a cast of characters that are truly memorable and utterly unique."

Expect Koei to announce a final release date closer to the scheduled June release.