A US legal firm has filed a class action lawsuit against SCEA in excess of $5 million because the multiplayer mode of PS4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall doesn't run at native 1080p resolution - despite Sony advertising that it does.

The lawsuit states that Sony "claimed that the PS4 was so powerful that its featured Killzone video game could display '1080p' multiplayer graphics", pointing to an article on PlayStation Blog and highlighting the resolution listed on the game's box.

However, it was later discovered that "Killzone's multiplayer graphics were blurry to the point of distraction. The cause of this blurriness went unknown until a well-respected video game website reported that Killzone's multiplayer did not actually provide '1080p' graphics as advertised."

The discovery forced Guerrilla to explain that the technique used to achieve '1080p' graphics in the game's multiplayer was called "temporal reprojection", a technology that "combines pixels and motion vectors from multiple lower-resolution frames to reconstruct a full 1080p image.

"If native means that every part of the pipeline is 1080p then this technique is not native."

The developer promised to "be more precise with our language in the future" when discussing resolutions.

Nevertheless, the lawsuit goes on to detail one buyer's disappointment, classing Sony's claims as "deceptive marketing".

"Had Plaintiff known that Killzone's multiplayer mode was not running at a graphics resolution of 1080p, he would have not have purchased Killzone at all, or would have paid substantially less for it."

Sony has yet to comment.

Source: polygon.com, kotaku.com